240122 HF Purple 80g

VOLA HF PURPLE Premium 4S 80g

kr 700,00

AIR Temperature : -12°C / -4°C
AIR Relative Humidity : 50 % / 100%

Highly fluorinated race wax (HF) for clean or new snow

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The new range PREMIUM 4S is made from research and tests conducted by VOLA to get the best possible glide of your skis. These products combine resistance and durability of a base wax while having a fluorinated additive to make a sensational race wax.

VOLA fluor waxes are high competition wax slightly fluorinated (LF) or highly fluorinated (HF) depending to the hygrometry. LF = humid snow (25%<hygrometry<50%); HF = very humid snow. (hygrometry >50%)

The fluor (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is an hydrophobic product which allows a fast acceleration. The fluor is a polymer, which is characterized by one of the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid. This specification brings an important improvement of the quality of the glide. The range have been declined in three colors corresponding to the air temperature to offer very efficient products.