224214 HF Rouge Molybdène 80g

VOLA Premium 80g HF Medium Molybden

kr 700,00

AIR Temperature : -14°C / -4°C
AIR Relative Humidity : 50 % / 100%

Highly fluorinated race wax (HF) for very humid and medium temperatures,  for old, dirty and polluted snow.


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The new range PREMIUM 4S is made from research and tests conducted by VOLA to get the best possible glide of your skis. These products combine resistance and durability of a base wax while having a fluorinated additive to make a sensational race wax.

VOLA fluor waxes are high competition wax slightly fluorinated (LF) or highly fluorinated (HF) depending to the hygrometry. LF = humid snow (25%<hygrometry<50%); HF = very humid snow. (hygrometry >50%)

Molybden is a chemical compound with hydrophobic properties very interesting on certain types of snow like old snow (with snow crystals eroded). The molybden additives placed in VOLA waxes offer very good performance in snow conditions with transformed snow which has a high coeffi cient of friction (artifi cial snow, frozen, dirty). His greasy consistency gives him a strong lubricity while allowing repel dirt and pollution. Requires the use of fine steel brush after scraping.